Monday, November 28, 2016

lost tooth!

Soren lost a tooth! Bottom middle left.

(Anders's first lost tooth was his bottom middle right, when he was about a year older than Soren is now.)

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Costanoa... 10?

Counting trips to Costanoa is a bit tricky now, because Sigrid and the boys visited Costanoa with Grammy in April, while I was busy preparing for a trial. But if we count visits that Sigrid and I have made together, then this weekend was #10.

This time, we stayed in a room in the lodge. The only other time we did that was for our wedding, when we stayed in the North Lodge. This time, we were in the South Lodge. This was the view on Friday afternoon from our porch.

Last year, we saw some Monarch caterpillars by the Ranch House in December, which I thought was a bit late for them. But we saw them again this year, so maybe their cycle runs a bit later in California.

This year, we also saw the milkweed pods releasing seed.

We saw lots of fat, happy quail...

...and a bunny.

We took a late afternoon hike when we got there.

Whitehouse Creek has been dry for our last several visits, but this time we saw some water!

We made it down to the ocean as the sun began to set.

The sun was still setting when we got to the beach.

By the time we started walking back, it was dusk...

...and it was dark when we got back to the lodge.

We had s'mores after dinner. Sigrid thought about waiting until Saturday, but the forecast said it would be raining.

Saturday morning, the boys had pancakes. Sigrid noticed that if you looked at the pancakes upside-down, they looked like stormtroopers.

After breakfast, we hiked back to the beach.

Anders drew this cool figure in the sand.

Sigrid noted this slightly revisionist history. (We got engaged in San Francisco, but went to Costanoa for the first time a week later.)

We also explored the bluff to the south of the beach a bit.

After our Saturday hike, we hit the hot tub, where it briefly rained on us.

Boys do not live by nature alone.

Saturday night we ate at the restaurant again.

It's been said that lawyers eat their young, referring to the difficult life of law firm associates. While waiting for our entrees, I took the old saying more literally.

I love the holiday lighting at Costanoa.

The boys enjoyed the gas fireplace in our room. To keep it going, we had to let it get pretty warm in our room, though.

Sunday breakfast before we left. See you again soon, Costanoa!

Friday, November 25, 2016

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

Questionable after-dinner digestifs.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Lake Merced and a movie

We saw raccoons! They didn't seem aggressive, but we gave them a wide berth nonetheless, just to be safe.

After hanging at the lake, we (six boys, three parents) went to see Moana, which was enjoyed by all.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Secret Society

When I was in college, I was heavily involved in the student housing co-ops at the University of Michigan. Once, during a board meeting, several of us were derisively labeled the "Secret Society." We adopted the name as our own, and still use it (the membership has gotten larger over the years). Tonight, in Washington, D.C., we convened a meeting of the Secret Society. Or, perhaps, of a subcommittee; with only three of us, I'm not sure we had quorum for a full meeting.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Center for Civil & Human Rights

The conference I flew out to Atlanta for had a dinner at the Center for Civil & Human Rights.

The downstairs focused on the civil rights movement in the United States. While moving, it was also somber.

Letter from a Birmingham jail.

March on Washington.

Tribute to four girls killed in a church bombing in Birmngham less than three weeks after the march.

One of the things I was struck by was that at each of the video presentations, they had a box of tissues on the benches.

Upstairs, they had a room dedicated to the advances in U.S. civil rights, including this great wall of civil rights laws.

There were also some rooms upstairs devoted to the international human rights movement.

Here are my fellow conference attendees.