Saturday, April 22, 2017


San Francisco March for Science.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

birthday bottle

Sigrid is very sneaky. Look what the Easter Bunny put out back for me. I guess she told that bunny that it was my birthday.

Southwest: Inn of the Governors

We flew in to Albuquerque, picked up our rental, and drove to Santa Fe, where we stayed at the Inn of the Governors, a charming hotel near the Santa Fe Plaza.

This was our view out our window.

In the lobby, they served sherry and cookies every afternoon. I was surprised to find a cigarette machine of all things, but it turned out that all was not as it seemed.

Everything in the Art-O-Mat was $5. Soren and I got these earrings for Sigrid out of the machine.

While in Santa Fe, we saw lots of dried chiles, and lots of Catholic imagery. In the hotel restaurant, we found this two-fer.

Southwest: hike and hot tub

On Monday, we started the morning with a hike. On the trail map below, we hiked from 1 to 2 to 3 to the 1.53 mile loop from 3 back to 2, and then back to 1. In all the hike covered 2.68 miles, starting at about 7600 feet above sea level, and cresting at about 7720 feet above sea level.

The elevation offered some nice views.

The boys were a bit cranky by the midway point of the hike.

After our hike, we drove to Ten Thousand Waves, where we had lunch before our hot tub appointment.

For our hot tub time, we all were given kimonos.

We had a private tub, the "waterfall" tub. It was huge.

The boys also enjoyed the cold plunge (pictured here) and the sauna.

I did some deep breathing exercises.

Soren had a different approach. (For the record, although we were told not to dive into the tub, no one said anything about not jumping over your brother into the tub.)

For dinner, we went to Tomasita's, which is owned by an old co-worker from my pre-law school days!

The sun was setting as we walked back to our hotel after dinner.

Southwest: Bandelier National Monument

On Tuesday, we went to Bandelier National Monument, out by Los Alamos. We stuck to the Main Loop Trail.

This pueblo once had 400 rooms, and dates back to the 14th and 15th centuries.

Up above the pueblo, there are several cliff dwellings that you can check out via ladder.

The boys drew petroglyphs in their junior ranger workbooks.

The ranger was really excited when he saw that Anders had, as part of his junior ranger qualification, written a haiku. He said that in five years of working at Bandelier, Anders was the first to do that exercise (there are other options).

Here's a view of Frijoles Canyon, which includes the pueblo and the cliff dwellings that we saw. (You can click on the pic to get a much, much larger version.)

Southwest: Georgia O'Keefe & Meow Wolf

For our third and final day in Santa Fe, we visited two very different museums. First, we went to the Georgia O'Keefe museum, which was a short walk from our hotel. Along the way, we strolled along San Francisco St.

The museum was on the small side, providing a nice dose of culture for the boys (and the parents!). There is an activity book for kids.

Our second museum was very different. In fact, I'm not sure if it really was a museum. It is a permanent art installation called Meow Wolf. Here is some art from the parking lot.

Once you enter, you start off outside a house, where a family once lived but has mysteriously disappeared. You can explore anywhere you'd like, touch whatever you want, all in the hopes of unraveling the mystery. Or you can just race around like crazy and enjoy the art.

There are rooms to explore in the house, but also portals leading... elsewhere.

The pictures really don't convey the full wonder of the experience. We spent about three hours there, including a quick agua fresca break. The boys loved it.

Visually, this was one of my favorite rooms.

A lot of the art involved music. The ribs of this mastodon worked like an electronic xylophone.

George R.R. Martin, of Game of Thrones fame, is a patron of Meow Wolf. His books make heavy use of crows. I think that's what this is about.

Finally, here are a couple of pics from the lobby.