Sunday, February 19, 2017

afternoon project

Let's take apart an old car stereo!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Korea: Cheonggyecheon

Cheonggyecheon is a revived natural stream that runs for 10+ kilometers through Seoul.

In February, it's still quite cold in Seoul, so you can see ice clinging to the rocks in the stream.

There are various art projects alongside the stream. This is a mural of a royal procession in 1795 of King Jeongjo, the 22nd Joseon dynasty king. This was to commemorate what would have been his father's 60th birthday. His father, the crown prince Sado, was never king, because he was executed by his own father, King Sunjo.

This is the west end of the stream, in the late afternoon.

The west end leads to Cheonggye Plaza, which includes this selfie-friendly rainbow under the last walkway over the stream.

The plaza has a waterfall that is lit up at night.

Here's the waterfall by day.

Korea: Heunginjimun and Hanyangdoseong

This is the old East Gate, now commonly called Dongdaemun ("Great East Gate"), but formally called Heunginjimun ("Gate of Rising Benevolence").

Across the street, you can walk along Hanyangdoseong, the city wall (built when Seoul was called Hanyang, and when the city was much smaller). 

This is the side of the wall that you walk along.

The wall climbs up, and you can get a good view of the city, including this view of Namsan Tower in the distance.

Someone was flying a kite.

Korea: Gwanghwamun Square and the National Folk Museum

Gwanghwamun Square leads up to Gwanghwamun, the main gate to Gyeongbokgung Palace. We visited the palace last year, but we approached from the east, bypassing the square. This is the gate, with Bukaksan Mountain in the background.

The square includes this statute of Admiral Yi Sun-Shin, a 16th century Joseon naval commander.

The square also features a statute of King Sejong...

...who commissioned the creation of the Korean alphabet, shown here on the side.

I planned to revisit the Gyeongbokgung grounds to check out a few parts that we didn't visit last year, but the day I was there, it was closed! But the National Folk Museum was open, so I went there.

On the grounds of the folk museum, there are statues for each of the years of the Chinese Zodiac. Here are the rabbit (Soren), pig (Sigrid), rat (Anders) and rooster (me).

Korea: Gwangjang and Myeongdong Markets

Gwangjang Market, Korea's first market.

Myeongdong Night Market.

Korea: Food!

A few of my food stops in Korea.

Chicken 678, one of the bazillion Korean fried chicken establishments.

I got the spiciest option. In retrospect, I should have gone for the medium-spicy choice. I was crying as I ate these!

Chinese restaurant. Well, Korean-Chinese. Jajangmyeong and tangsuyuk.

There was a Din Tai Fung just behind our hotel!

Last breakfast from the hotel buffet.

Kalbi and doenjang jjigae.