Sunday, March 29, 2009


We finally got our irrigation system repaired, and up and running. At the same time, we had a raised redwood planter built on our deck to grow veggies in.

Mesclun greens

Leaf lettuce

Cherry tomatoes

Snap peas

Brussel sprouts

Swiss chard

The planter that used to be where the grill now is has been repurposed as an herb garden. Or half of it has, anyway.





This is new territory for both of us, so we're hoping this stuff actually grows.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Yosemite weekend: Sunday (aka "winter")

We woke up Sunday morning and experienced our third season in three days; there was snow on the ground!

Downstairs by the big fireplace, there was a program for small kids that we took Anders to. He was a bit too small to know what was going on, but he likes hanging out with bigger kids.

I, meanwhile, took a few shots of the Awahnee.

Anders seemed pretty curious about this weird white stuff on the ground outside.

So we took him out for his first taste of snow!

After checking out, we went on one final hike. To lower Yosemite Falls. Again. (Carrying a baby around on your back limits your hiking options somewhat.)

Lunch break.

This is the last picture I took with auto-white balance:

...and here's the first picture I took using the "cloud" white balance setting. Quite a difference!

The falls looked rather different in the snow.

We drove home by the scenic route, via Merced, in order to avoid the snow, which worked out great.

A good time was had by all, even though we're not sure whether Anders was more excited by the hotel room safe than the outdoors...