Sunday, November 30, 2014


We had some much needed rain today, so brought the boys' new rain coats with us to swim lessons. The rain had stopped by the time lessons were over, but the coats still were useful for keeping shirts dry during puddle stomping.

Here's a panoramic photo Google created just because, using two pics. This is what life might be like if Soren had a twin.

Out on the Torpedo Wharf fishing pier—that's the pier next to the Warming Hut at Crissy Field—a pelican was hanging out, totally game for photo ops.

Nice bridge view from the pier, too.

We walked out to Fort Point—or almost out to Fort Point. Soren's feet were cold, so we stopped short.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

a whirlwind of play dates

Soren and Asa really had a great time during their many, many play dates this week...

Friday, November 28, 2014

The Velveteen Rabbit

A long time ago, Sigrid suggested to Cari, Jean, Shona and Alex that we all go to see The Velveteen Rabbit together. On the morning of, it occurred to her that we were heading downtown on Black Friday. Uh-oh.

So we went by Muni. We started on the bus...

...and then, because we had a bit of spare time, went downtown on the F instead of the underground.

Agreen and Asa were already at Yerba Buena when we got there. Everyone was dressed in show clothes.

(Note the bow tie Agreen is wearing.)

Once we found Arden and Freya, we got settled into our seats.

(Asa was the only kid who stayed in his fancy clothes for the show.)

The show was a lot of fun. ODC has been putting it on for 28 years!

Afterward, there was much playing in the park. Then, on our way home, we thought about the long ride back, and how we would need to make food when we got home. Hm. So we opted for dinner at Mel's.

After that, it was time for more public transportation.

Six hours of entertainment!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

...from the kids in the (remodeled) shed.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


We have a lovely view through the window in our upstairs bathroom.

(The moirĂ© pattern from the screen is less pronounced in real life.)

But if you look straight out the window, you don't actually get this view—you see the side of a house that is two doors down from us, instead. No, to get this view, you have to look in the bathroom mirror. But through the looking glass, we have a lovely view.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Mama Hike Revisited

Today, the whole family tried a hike that Anders and Sigrid took a couple of weeks ago.

We started at a stairway on Stanyan, just south of 17th Street. At least one of the neighbors seems to be worried about noisy hikers.

Lots of eucalyptus trees.

And some intrepid hikers.

The first part of our hike was through the Interior Greenbelt, an aptly if prosaicly named San Francisco park.

Then we cut across Medical Center Way, a short road neither Sigrid nor I had heard of before.

And then we were in the Mount Sutro Open Space Reserve, which is behind the Parnassus campus of UCSF.

It's quite big, and occasionally you get some really nice city views, through the trees.

Anders kept talking about a pond that we would be able to see, but Sigrid couldn't figure out what he was talking about. Then we found it, in the crook of a tree.

Coming back, just before we left the Mount Sutro Open Reserve, we passed a little altar.

Yes, in the bottom-right, that is a skull.

And, on the Interior Greenbelt side, we passed this statue.

All told, it was close to two miles, with a 560 ft vertical rise/drop, and Soren only needed to be carried for a little bit at the end. Pretty good!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Got the new roof finished just in time!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

new roof

Tom Lee Roofing came to replace our roof.

These days, if you replace a wood shake roof with asphalt shingles, you rip off the wood shake and lay down plywood before putting the new asphalt shingles on. But way back when—twenty or thirty years ago, when our roof was last replaced—people sometimes just nailed the new asphalt shingles onto the old wood shake roof.

After our roofers ripped off the old asphalt shingles, next they ripped off the old shake. Everything was dumped into a truck, using this orange chute.

This was a pretty noisy process.

Then, fresh plywood was nailed onto the rafters.

In this picture, you can also see some small dark squares. Those are mounts (fifteen twenty of them) that will be used for the racking that will hold our solar panels, which are being installed over the next few days.

The roofers lay asphalt-saturated felt on top of the plywood. This keeps the wood from drawing tar and oils from the shingles, which go over the felt.

At the end of day one (Friday), the job was about one third done. (They didn't wrap up for the day until it was pretty much dark; this photo is from Saturday.)

New roof on the left (west), old roof on the right (east).

More of the same on Monday: Ripping off the old shingles on the east side of the roof, laying down plywood, installing some of the flashing and laying down asphalt-saturated felt.

On Tuesday, they started work on the small bits on the front of the house.

Small roof above the entry:

Above the living room bay window:

The visible part of the new roof, from the sidewalk across the street.

New chimney stack. Also, you can see the new low-profile vent, near the top of the front. There's a matching vent near the top of the rear on the west side of the roof. These are to ventilate the attic. When we had the shingle-on-shake, we didn't need these, but with the plywood we have now, we need some ventilation to let excess moisture out.

Next up: Solar!