Tuesday, November 18, 2014

new roof

Tom Lee Roofing came to replace our roof.

These days, if you replace a wood shake roof with asphalt shingles, you rip off the wood shake and lay down plywood before putting the new asphalt shingles on. But way back when—twenty or thirty years ago, when our roof was last replaced—people sometimes just nailed the new asphalt shingles onto the old wood shake roof.

After our roofers ripped off the old asphalt shingles, next they ripped off the old shake. Everything was dumped into a truck, using this orange chute.

This was a pretty noisy process.

Then, fresh plywood was nailed onto the rafters.

In this picture, you can also see some small dark squares. Those are mounts (fifteen twenty of them) that will be used for the racking that will hold our solar panels, which are being installed over the next few days.

The roofers lay asphalt-saturated felt on top of the plywood. This keeps the wood from drawing tar and oils from the shingles, which go over the felt.

At the end of day one (Friday), the job was about one third done. (They didn't wrap up for the day until it was pretty much dark; this photo is from Saturday.)

New roof on the left (west), old roof on the right (east).

More of the same on Monday: Ripping off the old shingles on the east side of the roof, laying down plywood, installing some of the flashing and laying down asphalt-saturated felt.

On Tuesday, they started work on the small bits on the front of the house.

Small roof above the entry:

Above the living room bay window:

The visible part of the new roof, from the sidewalk across the street.

New chimney stack. Also, you can see the new low-profile vent, near the top of the front. There's a matching vent near the top of the rear on the west side of the roof. These are to ventilate the attic. When we had the shingle-on-shake, we didn't need these, but with the plywood we have now, we need some ventilation to let excess moisture out.

Next up: Solar!

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