Friday, November 28, 2014

The Velveteen Rabbit

A long time ago, Sigrid suggested to Cari, Jean, Shona and Alex that we all go to see The Velveteen Rabbit together. On the morning of, it occurred to her that we were heading downtown on Black Friday. Uh-oh.

So we went by Muni. We started on the bus...

...and then, because we had a bit of spare time, went downtown on the F instead of the underground.

Agreen and Asa were already at Yerba Buena when we got there. Everyone was dressed in show clothes.

(Note the bow tie Agreen is wearing.)

Once we found Arden and Freya, we got settled into our seats.

(Asa was the only kid who stayed in his fancy clothes for the show.)

The show was a lot of fun. ODC has been putting it on for 28 years!

Afterward, there was much playing in the park. Then, on our way home, we thought about the long ride back, and how we would need to make food when we got home. Hm. So we opted for dinner at Mel's.

After that, it was time for more public transportation.

Six hours of entertainment!

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