Monday, April 27, 2009

Pollen count: high

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

hot hot hot

Yesterday, a bank in the Sunset was claiming it was 90 degrees outside. The National Weather Service pegged the high for the day at 86 degrees (at 3:42 pm), a record high (beating out 1987's high of 84). The normal high for April 20th is 65 degrees.

In view of the insane heat, Anders slept in just a onesie. He shirked off the light cover we put on him, though even the heat did not merit pushing Big Dog too far away.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Water fun

It's very, very hot today. And sunny.

Anders likes to play on the deck, but he isn't much into wearing hats. So we need sun block. To reduce the need for sunblock, we put him in his hip new swimwear (courtesy of Stacey and Catherine), which gave him 50 SPF protection for the covered parts of him. This also worked well with the various water games that Anders likes these days.

There's the watering game...

...the "dump the bowl and glass of water" game...

(hydration break - little does he realize that OJ is supposed to have 5x the strength compared to the stuff he's getting)

...the splash splash splash game...

...the dump dump dump game...

...the water fountain game...

...and the please oh please don't let my baby figure out how to turn on the sprayer game...

Oh! It was so much fun! So fun that he stayed up way past nap time!

But, you know, there are things to do other than play with water. Like driving.

Or exploring the garden path.

Anders thinks it's a pretty fantastic life.

All courtesy of the backyard.

Mary, Mary, quite contrary... does your garden grow?

The peppers are coming in nicely.

The edamame have been having some issues, as a neighbor's cat seems to think the garden is a litter box. I found these two guys dug up this morning, but hopefully they'll be ok.

The lettuce is ready for some harvesting!

Tower of jewels, art shot edition.

Less artsy.

Hummingbird, moving too fast.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Discovery Museum!

Miran, Dan, Dylan and Misah got Anders a family membership to the Discovery Museum, in Sausalito. It was a beautiful day, so we decided to take Anders for his first visit there.

First stop was the entrance to the Tot Spot (no kids over 42" allowed), where Anders made some music.

Through the entrance to the Tot Spot we found a splashing zone. Anders thought that was pretty cool.

Anders walked into the indoors section of the Tot Spot, holding Mommy's hand.

He thought the toads in the water columns were pretty fun.

Back outdoors, Anders said hello to a nice spider.

...and showed off his abacus skills (that's his Korean side).

Outside the Tot Spot, we found a cool display where Anders could help assemble (or disassemble) the Golden Gate Bridge.

Almost done, just checking his work...


Nice job, Anders!

Anders also found a captain's wheel.

...and a gigantic spider's web.

It was really, really fun. Anders was almost comatose from overexcitement by the end of our visit.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring blooms

We repotted our lemon and lime trees into (hopefully) permanent homes, and the lemon flowers have begun to open up.

The lime tree is quite a bit smaller, but it's beginning to develop what appear to be flower buds.

And the tower of jewels has begun to flower.