Saturday, October 31, 2015

All Hallows' Eve


Sigrid added a black nose to Soren's bat.

Late in the game, I decided I should have a costume, too, so I bought a template for a skull mask. The idea is to make it out of card stock, but I just made it out of regular printer paper (plus tape).

It looked pretty good on the boys, too.

Sigrid threw her traditional Halloween champagne party...

...followed by our traditional trick-or-treating on our block...

...followed by what is quickly turning into our new tradition of trick-or-treating on Chenery Street.

slow as molasses

Testing out videos shot at 240 fps.

Friday, October 30, 2015

pumpkin soup

Sigrid served her traditional soup-in-pumpkins-for-Halloween tonight.

Alas, Sigrid had to have her soup in a regular bowl, because there was an explosive disaster with one of the pumpkins.


Soren's first SFS Halloween

Soren was very excited about "school Halloween" today. I suggested we dress him up right after getting out of the car.

We ran into a griffin on our way in.

The classroom was done up with holiday decorations...

...including some by Soren.

Flo-Jo was getting some serious Olympic swinging in.

Check out Soren's wingspan!






Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Anders tried out a pose with the old sunglasses I pulled out for my side-by-side with my jack-o-lantern.


It's that time of year...

After school, we took the boys to Clancy's pumpkin patch. To my slight surprise and definite delight, neither boy thought he was too big to go on a hayride with his mom.

This, apparently, is what it takes to satisfy the pumpkin needs of a family of four.

I was tempted to buy this freakish pumpkin, but was afraid it would prove uncarvable.

We used this new contraption to gut the pumpkins.

More power!!

Anders carved a spooky jack-o-lantern.

Soren's is more friendly.

Sigrid's is a little... off.

Mine is one cool cat.

Light 'em up!

Now it's time for spooky stories, told by the light of the iPhone.