Monday, January 01, 2007

A great way to kick off the year

On January 1st, Sigrid and I went over to my parents' place for all sorts of fun. Standing alone, that would have been a wonderful, action-packed way to start the year. Apparently that wasn't enough. That night, after we got home, I decided we should have some roasted chestnuts.

To roast chestnuts, you need to stick 'em in a very hot oven for 20-30 minutes. During that time, the build-up of steam will cause them to explode, unless you provide a path out for that steam. So you need to nick a hole in them, or score them. I used to nick them, but somewhere in the past few years, I started scoring Xs, under the theory that the resulting chestnuts are sometimes easier to peel.

Alas, chestnuts have slippery husks, and if the knife slips off of the chestnut - well, you can cut yourself. And have to go to the emergency room. Because you've nearly sliced a hefty slab of skin off your thumb. And you need stitches. Seven of them.

The upside is that the emergency room on the evening of January 1 is much less busy than on the evening of December 31. It took less than two hours to go from cut to emergency room to sitting at home again, wishing I had nicked those chestnuts with wire cutters rather than scoring them with a bread knife.

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New Years Day 2007

Isabel got a beautiful hanbok for Christmas.

In the afternoon, the Kwun gang was joined by the Suh gang...

Check out Diego's rock-star hair. (Diego and his parents have some cool clothes for babies and kids at their LittlePop store at Cafe Press.)

Sohl walked in the front door and immediately proceeded through the house and out the back door, accompanied by his grandma. (By the way, Sohl has his own blog.)

My mother's extensive experience as a grandmother serves her well here in her role as great-aunt.

Cara doesn't get too many chances to be the big kid, so even though Diego's quite a bit bigger than he used to be, she's determined to hold him.

Kwuns and Suhs...

...Suhs and Kwuns...

Sohl likes his bap. Cara likes to pose.

Rice cakes. That's what it's all about.

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