Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween dinner

Sigrid made a pretty cool dinner for Halloween.

Squash and tofu in a baked pumpkin bowl for Anders.

Curry in baked pumpkin bowls for the parents.

Anders thought it was pretty cool. (Anything involving pumpkins is pretty cool at the moment.)

Chocolate for dessert ain't bad, either.

Trick or treat!

We went trick or treating with a few families from the neighborhood. I suppose you could call it round-robin trick-or-treating—we went to all of our houses, plus a few extra houses.

There was a lot of cuteness.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Anders guided the design of this scary pumpkin.

Mama was so scared that Anders told me that my pumpkin should be a happy pumpkin.

Mama's pumpkin is short on teeth, has long eyelashes, and a prominent widow's peak. Any ideas who this might be?

Get this off me!

Soren wore a costume of sorts to a free concert at the Beach Chalet.

He was fine with it at first, but concluded that the hood had to go.

Unfortunately, he didn't fully understand the mechanics of his hood.

Once he got some help with that hood, though, it was all good.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mission Kids Co-op Halloween Party

Halloween party #2, this time with a costume.

This party is at Audrey's preschool. It's been awhile since we've seen Audrey.

There she is!

Old friends reunite over a cookie.

Old-fashioned hay ride.

One senses that Audrey will be a fan of convertibles.

I call this photo, "Breaking the Fourth Wall."

Bike carousel, powered by the kids. Anders immediately spotted the free-rider issue (that is, he didn't pedal).

Too much fun! Overload!

It's possible I was tickling Soren.


New outfit.

Oops, he's reaching for the camera. Gotta go.