Saturday, October 08, 2011

New desk

Our master bedroom has an odd shaped area that I've been using as office space. But the desk I had was wobbly, and small. Some time ago, I decided it might one day make sense to have someone make a built-in desk that filled the space.

And then I decided to do it myself.

I started with a large Vika Furuskog tabletop from Ikea, which is 59" by 29-1/2", and solid pine. The only problem with this is that the space for the desk is 60" wide (at the back—slightly more than that at the front), but I couldn't find an inexpensive solid-wood tabletop that was any wider. I decided to make do.

First thing I had to do was saw the table down to a depth of 22-1/4". And to do that, I had to cut the metal support brackets, which I did with a hacksaw.

Here's the tabletop after cutting it with a circular saw.

I did a quick check for fit by putting the tabletop on top of the old desk, and it looked pretty good.

I cut some 2x4s to appropriate lengths, and screwed them into studs. I doubled up the 2x4s on the left size, to address the fact that the tabletop wasn't quite wide enough.

Here's the tabletop, resting atop the 2x4 cleats. Oh, you can see I cut a hole into the back-left of the tabletop to allow cables through. I put in a cable grommet that I got at Lowe's.

To fill in the space on the left, I cut a 22-1/4" length from the portion of the tabletop I had sawed off. This piece is 1" wide at one end, and 1-5/16" at the other end.  It's a pretty good fit, though also pretty obvious. Good enough for my needs, though.

The final product. (Final for now, anyway.)

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