Sunday, October 16, 2011


We trekked out to see the dinosaur exhibit at the Lawrence Hall of Science.

First, Sigrid and Anders looked for fossils.


We also saw some dino fossils, like this stegasaurus.


But wait, there's more—animatronic dinos!

How do we know those were animatronic, you ask? Because we have video!

Anders's favorite dino was probably the T Rex that was outside. But the T Rex was a little bit scary.

Even though the dinos were cool, there were other cool things at the museum, too. First, there was the fantastic view.

And let's not forget the mud (which was there to teach us, um, something).

Science is always cool, too—at least when it does stuff like this.

But the part Anders probably liked best was the room downstairs where they brought out critters to look at.

Here's a particularly tired critter.

Finally, here's Bugs the bunny, who was born just one week after Soren!

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