Wednesday, December 31, 2014

bog trail

Last hike of the year is a short one. The Bog Trail at San Bruno Mountain is a quick loop of a bit less than a mile. Less bog than we were hoping.

Sunday, December 28, 2014


As of tonight, we think the boys have played with every Christmas toy save one (a slime kit that requires adult supervision), read (or at least started) every Christmas book, consumed or sampled every Christmas treat, and worn most of their Christmas clothes. Such efficiency!

New Octonauts book.


Sigrid decided the boys are old enough that we should be able to put some ceramic pieces out.

Still, a little quakeproofing also serves to kidproof (or so we hope).

(In case it's not obvious, the close-up pics show the bits of putty that are holding the pieces to the shelf.)


Keith Haring puzzle, from Grammy.


New watercolor paints, courtesy of Grammy and Santa.


Clara got this at a white elephant gift exchange, but figured it would be better loved at my house. Design by da Vinci, chaos by Anders and Soren.

Next up: Cows.

(courtesy of the Monty Python YouTube channel)

Saturday, December 27, 2014


Thanks again, Auntie Clara!

lego chai

Lego-compatible mug from Clara, filled with Sigrid's holiday chai.

more history

Yesterday's ancient tile discovery reminded me about a discovery I made earlier.

This is our wall-mounted bathroom fan...

...but if you lift the grill up, you can see that the bathroom apparently once had paisley wallpaper!

(And, yes, yes, you can see that I need to clean the bathroom fan grill.)

Erector Turbo Evolution

Soren is 3-3/4, but can do Lego sets for ages 7+. But, we have discovered, the Erector age ranges are not equivalent to Lego age ranges. Soren cannot do Erector sets for ages 7+. That's ok, he had fun helping out. Thanks, Auntie Clara!

Friday, December 26, 2014

"Bew bew bew!!"

Thank you, Peggy!

(Anders is still working on his set.)

another excavation

In addition to the dino egg excavation, we had a second, unintentional, excavation today.

Anders usually uses toothbrushes with a suction cup at the end, and likes to suction cup his toothbrush to the tile next to the sink when he's done with his teeth. I, then, pop the toothbrush off of the counter, and put it away. Well, apparently if you repeat that enough times, you can lift a tile right off, revealing the old countertop from, I'm guessing, the 1970s.


Gary and Elizabeth are hoping to improve my intelligence.

It's all about science!

billions and billions of stars...

...on the boys' ceiling, thanks to Clara.

(It's worth clicking through to see this pic at full size.)


Soren got this dino egg from Miran.

Apparently it's a two-man job.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Day Carnage


new party shirts

The boys wore new party shirts, courtesy of Grammy.

The new jackets are also from Grammy.

martinis and wine

We signed up to bring martinis and wine for Christmas dinner.

Which gins? I settled on Hendrick's (not pictured below), Victoria Gin, Leopold's Navy Strength, St. George Terroir, Gordon's and Botanica.

(It was a tasting flight, with each martini made with Dolin's dry vermouth at 5:1, starting with room temperature gin and vermouth, and stirring with ice for 50 seconds.)

Which wines? How about these?

(This is what we brought, but a Pride Cab that Patrick brought was subbed in for the Jordan, which lives to be had another day.)

Christmas Morning Legos

Santa brought the boys Chi Worriz and Chi Razar. I guess Anders's letter got to the North Pole in time.

Christmas Panettone

For those of us not unloading stockings...


He was here!


Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve Dinner

Table setting, with robots...

...and now with food and crackers.

Braised short ribs (I forgot to add the sesame oil and seeds!), served over brown rice, accompanied by sake.

(The boys had ham and snap peas, accompanied by milk—plus carrots and brown rice that they ignored.)

The Christmas crackers had wind-up penguins in them, for use on this penguin race board..., of course, paper crowns (see also: spritz cookies for dessert).