Sunday, December 07, 2014

Costanoa #8

Sigrid and I have been to Costanoa eight times now (Sigrid's birthday, just after we got engaged; our wedding; to see the Pigeon Point fresnel lens lighting; with baby Anders; with toddler Anders; Soren's first stay; with the cousins; and this latest getaway)—with Anders five times, and three times with Soren.

This time, we played some chess.

(Soren elected the uncommon h2-h3 opening.)

And we hiked through the mud...

...down to the beach, where Whitehouse Creek meets the ocean.

There were even some waterfalls!

We found a cave.

(If you look closely, you'll see that Soren is crying. He bonked his head and, kind father that I am, I took the picture before comforting him.)

The tide was low, and the tide pools were great.

Back at Costanoa, we found some milkweed by the restaurant. The monarch caterpillars found it, too.

On Sunday, before heading home, we checked out the Pescadero Marsh Natural Preserve. We parked in the lot at Pescadero State Beach, and then walked along, and then under, the overpass over Butano Creek (or Pescadero Creek—it seems to change names when it goes under the overpass).

The boys found an interesting structure made of driftwood.

The preserve itself is pretty cool.

There were lots of egrets, but too far off for a camera phone.

360° panorama.

On our way back, we saw some small gulls, which we later identified as Bonaparte's gulls.

And there were four or five seals swimming in the creek, and later swimming back to the ocean.

Goodbye, Costanoa—we'll be back soon!

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