Monday, January 01, 2007

A great way to kick off the year

On January 1st, Sigrid and I went over to my parents' place for all sorts of fun. Standing alone, that would have been a wonderful, action-packed way to start the year. Apparently that wasn't enough. That night, after we got home, I decided we should have some roasted chestnuts.

To roast chestnuts, you need to stick 'em in a very hot oven for 20-30 minutes. During that time, the build-up of steam will cause them to explode, unless you provide a path out for that steam. So you need to nick a hole in them, or score them. I used to nick them, but somewhere in the past few years, I started scoring Xs, under the theory that the resulting chestnuts are sometimes easier to peel.

Alas, chestnuts have slippery husks, and if the knife slips off of the chestnut - well, you can cut yourself. And have to go to the emergency room. Because you've nearly sliced a hefty slab of skin off your thumb. And you need stitches. Seven of them.

The upside is that the emergency room on the evening of January 1 is much less busy than on the evening of December 31. It took less than two hours to go from cut to emergency room to sitting at home again, wishing I had nicked those chestnuts with wire cutters rather than scoring them with a bread knife.

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