Monday, November 07, 2016

DC: East Wing tour

On Friday morning, we took the public tour of the East Wing of the White House.

Taking the metro to the White House.

First view of the White House, through a fence. (Construction! We feel so at home.)

At the entrance to the East Wing, there's a short video intro from the President and the First Lady, so I figured I'd get a picture with them. By happenstance, it sure looks like they are unimpressed with my trick.

The China Room, in the basement of the East Wing. We weren't allowed in, so we could only view the china collection from afar.

This hallway was roped off, but has paintings of the First Ladies. When I took this, I thought I was snapping a pic of our next president, but no such luck.

On the first floor, there are a few rooms you can walk through, including the Green Room, which has mirrors that looked a bit to me like they could be Joe Biden's hubcap collection.

The aptly named Red Room.

This state dining room had a single table with fourteen chairs, but done up with smaller tables, it can seat 140!

An iconic portrait of JFK.

The seal!

These goofs survived the tour!

Afterward, we went did a little shopping at the White House Gift Shop. The most pressing task was to get a snow globe to replace the NOLA one that broke recently. Because the NOLA one had shiny confetti in it, Anders settled on a glitter globe. Soren got a patriotic pen.

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