Saturday, November 12, 2016


We went bowling.

From the blurry quality of those pics, you might guess that the boys were flinging the bowling balls down the lane at high speed. In truth, there was some flinging. Speed? Not so much.

At Presidio Bowl, you get some funny video interstitials between frames.

Soren won, bowling a 110! I bowled the 71. Sigrid appears to have bowled a 61, but Bowler #6 really turned out to be a shared player, featuring the boys trying to bowl without bumpers until frame 8, when I asked them to turn the bumpers on for that player, too. (I bowled bumper-free, but perhaps I would have been wise to have turned the bumpers on for myself, too.) Collectively, the boys managed 3 strikes (including one for Bowler #6). Not bad!

Afterward, we played on these funny tipsy chairs outside.

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