Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ikea weekend

Yesterday, we spent pretty much the entire day getting to, at, and returning from Ikea. We even took two cars to maximize cargo space.

The purpose was to get a big boy bed for Anders, and I assembled the new bed pretty much immediately after getting home. Anders loves his big boy bed.

(Question: Why is it Ikea sells waterproof crib mattress covers, and waterproof twin, queen and king mattress covers, but no waterproof mattress covers for the "junior" mattresses they sell that are in a size that seems to be unique to Ikea? I could get a waterproof cover for any of the other sizes elsewhere, and in any event the junior size seems to me to be the one most closely matching the potty training age, and thus the one most needing a waterproof cover. Shopping hint: the fitted waterproof pad for twin mattresses works ok on the junior mattress.)

We also got Anders a new table and chair for his room, so that he can have a place to play undisturbed by #2. It also may allow him to play quietly in the morning without needing to wake Mama and Dada up (well, I can dream, can't I?).

The dresser we got him to replace the changing table, which will be heading to #2's room eventually, still needs to be assembled. I liked it when we saw it in the showroom because it's mostly real wood. When I was loading it from the self-serve area and was reminded now much wood weighs, I felt a bit different. Same when it was going into the car. And when I was carrying it up the stairs to the house, piece by piece (lugging it up in the flat-pack box would have been a two person job, and really shouldn't involve a pregnant woman).

Finally, we got a rug that will go in one of the boys' rooms.

Either this goes in #2's room, or Anders's current rug moves to #2's room and the new one goes in Anders's room.

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