Wednesday, March 07, 2018

new fence

We (and our neighbor) got a new fence for the west side of our backyard. We're told the old fence lasted 25 years, and the design on the new one is a bit better, so hopefully it will last even longer!

Step one was taking down the old fence.

The new posts went in next

The old fence had used pressure-treated wood for the posts, because they went straight into the footings. The new design has metal brackets in the footings, so that the posts are above grade. This is the improvement I mentioned above, which hopefully will extend the life of the fence.

Here is the nearly completed fence. The change in grade between the two yards is addressed using 2 x 12 pressure-treated wood along the bottom of the fence.

The other notable design difference is that the fence is symmetrical, so we and our neighbor see the same pattern of overlapping boards (a "picture frame board-on-board" design).

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