Sunday, February 04, 2018


Happy birthday Soren!

Soren had his school birthday party, complete with birthday singing, on Friday (no pics). Then, on Saturday, we went to another kid's first birthday (돌) party, and Soren somehow finagled his way into getting his name in lights on the cake. And everyone sang him happy birthday again.

Then, when we got home, we had his official birthday party. After a delicious hot dog dinner, we celebrated with (again) candles and singing!

We watched Johnny English Reborn, which the reviewers mostly said had tired, rehashed spy thriller parody humor. But those tired gags can seem awfully funny if you've never seen them before, so the crowd loved the movie.

Post-sleepover, the boys had abundant device time...

...followed by strawberry-nutella crepes, lovingly made by Sigrid.

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