Sunday, February 25, 2018

Big White: Seattle detour, Monday

Alaska Airlines had rebooked us on a Monday evening flight with a layover in Vancouver. But Monday morning, I noticed that there were seats that morning on a direct flight to Kelowna, so I called the airline up. Unfortunately, there were only two seats, but there was another direct flight that evening with two seats. So we split up, with Sigrid and Anders going on the morning flight. Soren and I continued on with our Seattle adventure. We made it to the Crumpet Shop for breakfast. (We had tried to go there on Sunday, but it was too crowded.)

Soren had a nutella crumpet and a fancy hot chocolate.

After that, we went to a candy shop to buy some gum, so that we could go visit the gum wall. What's the gum wall? Well...

Soren's addition to the wall...

...and mine.

We spent a bit more time in the Pike Place Market, including visiting this nice viewpoint.

Then, we went to the Pacific Science Center. We got there around noon, and at first I thought it was just like visiting the Exploratorium, except that we didn't have a membership here, so had to pay to get in. But we had a great time, and stayed for over four hours!

Naked mole rats. They had a big habitrail-style burrow, but they seemed to like to hang out together all squished up.

There was a tropical butterfly room, but Soren didn't want to wait in line to get in, so I had to content myself with this pic that I took through a window.

After the science museum, we still had some time to kill before heading to the airport, so we went back to the Hotel Max (where we had our bags stowed). Soren worked played with the Jenga blocks...

...and I enjoyed another happy hour.

And then, it was back to the airport...

...and, finally, to Kelowna.

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