Sunday, February 25, 2018

Big White: ice fishing

On Thursday, we went ice fishing. We needed an early start, which offered some great views from our condo. These are pics from about 6:15 and 6:30.

We took cabs back to Kelowna...

...and then our guide drove us across Okanagan Lake, through Bear Creek Provincial Park, and finally via a logging road... Lambly Lake.

The kids got snowmobile rides onto the lake, while the adults hoofed it.

You need holes through the ice to ice fish. We used a gas-powered auger. Here's the hole I drilled.

Waiting to fish.

Anders struck paydirt first, with a perch.

My first (ever!) fish—a rainbow trout!

Soren was the most prolific fisherman from the Kwunderson clan.

Sigrid finally caught a perch in the afternoon.

The Chandras also did well. (I don't have a picture of any of Sunil's fish, so picked a representative shot of his fishing style.)

Here are a few fish tale (noun, Informal. an exaggerated or incredible story) versions of the catches.

Our guide, Rod, fried up some of the perch we caught for a midday treat...

...and we took a bunch of perch plus my three rainbow trout back to Big White to cook up for a dinner.

Rod also got a fire going on the shore and cooked up some smokies.

Left behind as a treat for the crows and coyotes.

It was a great day on the ice!

At the end of the day, the kids got hauled back to the trucks on the snowmobile.

Sigrid got a ride from the halfway point, after the kids had all been taken in.

The boys were tired on the ride back to Kelowna.

Here are a few pics of Okanagan Lake and the surrounding area.

Trout dinner on Friday night.

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