Saturday, January 20, 2018

Women's March, the sequel

Last year's Women's March was the boys' first protest. Today's march was sunnier, drier, somewhat smaller, but still very well attended.

The boys did quite well, although we did eventually need to make a quick pit stop to buy some kettle corn from a street vendor.

Last year, the actual marching part didn't start until later, and was so crowded that we barely moved at all before deciding to head home. This time, we were able to actually march, and made it all the way to Justin Herman Plaza. (A side benefit of that is that we boarded MUNI at Embarcadero Station, which means we got seats.)

That protest sign was a last minute thing. We happened to have just gotten a poster from Centro Legal de la Raza, so used some leftover poster board from a school project to make it into a sign. The poster features art by Micah Bazant.

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