Friday, December 29, 2017

Victoria: Empress

Sigrid and I spent an evening at the Empress without the boys. We got there around mid-afternoon, and then walked about the hotel. This is the now-closed Bengal Lounge ("an Indian-themed bar with a tiger skin on the wall, where waiters in Nehru jackets served curries and cocktails").

We were in a harbour-view room, which I had thought would be of questionable value given the early sunset, but it looked quite charming at night.

We had a window-sill visitor who perhaps was looking longingly at our heated accommodations. We saw our friend several times, including right when we checked in. This is an early-morning appearance the next day.

We got a discounted rate at the hotel due to my Fairmont President's Club status in 2017, courtesy of my all-too-lengthy stay at the Fairmont San Jose during a trial last December. The stay at the Fairmont Empress was more relaxing than the stay at the Fairmont San Jose.

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