Saturday, September 02, 2017


This is a Kimchi Burger from Gott's Roadside. But with no bun. And no beef.

Let me explain that last part: At Gott's Roadside, they use Niman Ranch patties for the burgers.

But you can substitute in a vegetarian patty from Impossible Burger, which is an engineered product made with plants that is supposed to have the same texture and taste as ground beef. The key ingredient is something they came up with called soy leghemoglobin, which you can think of as, well, plant blood.  Soy leghemoglobin can be found in nature, but the particular version in these burgers comes from engineered yeast. Now, keep in mind that I ordered my Impossible Burger patty in a kimchi burger.  At Gott's, the kimchi burger includes not just kimchi and a patty (duh), but also a fried egg, American cheese and bacon (and spicy gochujang mayo). So my burger was not vegetarian. Was it good? Oh yes. The patty itself seemed pretty beef-like to me, but the true test would be a plain hamburger.

Not a cheap burger, but no extra charge for the Impossible Burger patty.

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