Saturday, September 09, 2017

Garden Tomato Zero

You may have heard people talk about Email Inbox Zero. It's the largely mythical (for many) situation in which you have cleared out your entire inbox in your email account. In the fall, there is a similar state that I hereby declare shall be known as Garden Tomato Zero. Yesterday, I was inspired to achieve this state by something Anders said that reminded me of the story First Tomato, which is part of a great children's book called Voyage to the Bunny Planet. In the story, a mother makes her child soup out of the first tomato of the season. We are well beyond the first tomato this season, but I decided to make tomato soup. First, I crushed a a pound or two of fresh tomatoes.

I sauteed some carrots and onions in butter, and then added the crushed tomatoes and some homemade chicken stock. After simmering for a couple of hours, I let it cool and then pureed it. Then I added half-and-half, seasoned with cayenne, salt and pepper, and blended again.

Like Inbox Zero, Tomato Zero is a temporary state.

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