Friday, September 15, 2017

garden tales

I planted some chive seeds along the front and rear edges of our vegetable box. The rear seeds didn't germinate, but the front ones did. It took them a while to amount to anything, but they look ready to go now.

These are the flowers from one of two carrot plants that have flowered this year. The curious thing is that carrots are biennial, so they shouldn't flower until they've been in the ground for two years. I started fresh from seed this year, but I suppose it is possible that there were a couple of carrot roots that I didn't fully harvest last year, and they somehow survived to grow this year. It seems pretty unlikely, but I don't have a better explanation for the flowers.

When our cilantro bolted, I let it flower and go to seed—coriander seed. Today I decided it was dry enough to pick through to find the seeds. Here's the coriander harvest.

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