Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Maui: Molokini snuba tour

On Tuesday morning, we took a cruise in this fine catamaran... Molokini Crater.

We all went snorkeling, and Anders, Dylan and I also went snubaing. Snuba is sort of scuba-lite—we went below water and breathed with a regulator, but the regulator was connected with a 20-foot tether to an air tank floating in a raft at the surface.

There were a ton of frigatebirds out at the crater.

Sixteen of us got to snuba, in two groups of eight. We were in the second group, and snorkeled until the first group (below) returned.

And then we got to go!

After snorkeling and SNUBA, we had a great lunch (including chicken that they grilled on board the boat on our way out to the crater!), and washed everything down with fine American beer.

On our way back from the cater, we saw a nuclear submarine surface off in the distance.

Here are two of our intrepid group.

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