Monday, July 17, 2017

two wheeler

Seventeen months and 11 days ago—on February 6, 2016—we took the training wheels off of Soren's bike. I took this video of his first or second try that day, which I thought went really well.

But after falling, Soren was done for the day. I didn't bother uploading this video, because I figured I'd get better videos of Soren on his bike soon enough, given how well he did so quickly, on his first day without training wheels.

Soren, however, refused to ride his bike again. Like, ever.

After eleven months of this, Sigrid had had it, and in January signed him up for Wheel Kids bike camp this summer. And over the last six months, Soren has whined repeatedly about how he didn't want to go to bike camp. Today, the first day of bike camp finally arrived. And, minutes after Sigrid left (and then snuck around to watch), Soren was tentatively trying his bike out. Class hadn't really started yet, so there wasn't anyone to teach him yet. Fast forward about ten or fifteen minutes, and Soren had taught himself how to ride his bike!

Seventeen months of refusing to ride that bike, over!

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