Sunday, April 16, 2017

Southwest: hike and hot tub

On Monday, we started the morning with a hike. On the trail map below, we hiked from 1 to 2 to 3 to the 1.53 mile loop from 3 back to 2, and then back to 1. In all the hike covered 2.68 miles, starting at about 7600 feet above sea level, and cresting at about 7720 feet above sea level.

The elevation offered some nice views.

The boys were a bit cranky by the midway point of the hike.

After our hike, we drove to Ten Thousand Waves, where we had lunch before our hot tub appointment.

For our hot tub time, we all were given kimonos.

We had a private tub, the "waterfall" tub. It was huge.

The boys also enjoyed the cold plunge (pictured here) and the sauna.

I did some deep breathing exercises.

Soren had a different approach. (For the record, although we were told not to dive into the tub, no one said anything about not jumping over your brother into the tub.)

For dinner, we went to Tomasita's, which is owned by an old co-worker from my pre-law school days!

The sun was setting as we walked back to our hotel after dinner.

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