Saturday, April 08, 2017

birthday dinner

Sigrid and I went to Lazy Bear for an early birthday dinner for me. The festivities start upstairs, with a few "snacks," and a view of the dining area below.

We had beverage pairings, but I wanted to try the Continental Breakfast, so ordered that on top of the pairings. This cocktail had a Japanese whisky (infused with purple barley) as its base. The streak you see in the glass is blackberry, painted on by the bartender. The whisky is shaken with grapefruit juice, a bit of yogurt (made in-house) and a sherry reduction. The effect was quite stunning, with a lot of flavors going on.

This mandarin soda was our final snack.

When we went down to the dining table, I found a birthday card waiting for me.

I didn't document every plate, but here are a few courses.

Sourdough dumplings with caviar.

Monterey Bay abalone with spring onion, pea tendrils and potato.

Wild striped bass with green garlic, brassicas and bone broth.

Sunchoke fondue with black trumpet, pink lady apple and cheese.

At some point, the folks for the second seating of the evening filed upstairs for their snacks, looking out over.... us!

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