Sunday, March 26, 2017

San Bruno Mountain

We had an entire Sunday with nothing scheduled, so we went on a family hike at San Bruno Mountain State & County Park.

We decided to try the Saddle Loop Trail this time.

Soren chose the route, and was in charge of the map.

And, really, he was able to figure out where we were on the map pretty accurately!

We saw lots of spring flowers.

And some Blue Mission butterflies.

This crow seemed to follow us around.

We took in some nature views.

We took in some city views, too, including the neighborhood in Brisbane near the Blue Mission Center...

...Cow Palace (along with my "proof of life" selfie)...

...Sutro Tower off in the distance, pointing the way back home...

...and, in the center of this pic, a house at the end of Oakridge Drive in Daly City that has a huge windowless wall (well, there are some windows way up at the top). Is there some plan to build another house next to it? But where? There doesn't seem to be room for another house.

On our way back to the parking lot, we happened across what seemed to be a tightrope walking training course amidst the trees. If you look closely, you'll see cables about a foot or two off of the ground.

Sigrid lasted a second or so.

Soren found some sticks to use as canes.

Here the boys are, in action.

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