Wednesday, March 08, 2017

North class visit

I visited Soren's classroom this morning. Soren worked on all sorts of stuff while I was there. He and Cora visited the kitchen to find out what was for lunch and wrote up the menu. He did some work on "ch" and "sh" sounds with Henry. All the dolphins (kindergartners) worked on the letter Z. After all that writing, he turned to his first try at constructing a Roman arch. I could tell this was a big deal, because lots of his classmates dropped by to see his progress.

After that, he and Ariana made cornbread. As a bit of a failsafe, in addition to the etched markings on the measuring cups and spoons, each has a unique tag attached to it, and the recipe reflects this. For example, the recipe calls for 1 cup of flour, and next to this there is a picture of a measuring cup with a red tag attached.

And then I was also there for snack time activities. But wait—there's more! We had a fire drill while I was there. Action packed morning!

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