Thursday, February 16, 2017

Korea: Shopping

Even though Seoul is cold in February, you can get around much of the city via underground shopping malls. These walkways are not fully heated, but they are warm enough that you can skip the gloves and hat. They're lined with small shops, like this tie store.

This is Ssamziegil, a mall in Insadong.

I bought these gloves (with special thread in the index and thumb finger tips that allows use of a smartphone) in Insadong for 3000₩, which works out to less than $2.75.

Our hotel was across the street from the Lotte Department Store in Myeongdong. Here are a couple of pics of the insane video screen that is at one end of the Lotte complex.

Down in the Lotte basement, there is a huge food court, but also a grocery store. Here's a scary looking blackmouth angler.

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