Wednesday, December 14, 2016

home again, home again...

I spent a month down in San Jose for a trial. I arrived in the evening on November 17 (arriving directly from DC—I had actually been away from home since the 13th). At least the night view from my hotel room was nice.

This was the view from my "office" (a table set up by the window in a hotel suite).

I got away for a few days for Thanksgiving, and then Sigrid and the boys drove me back to San Jose.

Here's our team, heading in for voir dire and opening statements on the Monday after Thanksgiving. This pic reminded me of the movie Reservoir Dogs. Only after I had circulated it to our team with the Reservoir Dogs reference did I remember that all of the "dogs" in that movie die, save one.

I stared out those hotel windows many times during my month in San Jose. The view sometimes was something special.

But it was a long time away from home. Here's our team (minus one, who was at the courthouse). We're all very happy—because we got a good result? or because we knew we'd be heading home soon? Ok, both.

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