Thursday, October 13, 2016

Ice 3.0

You've probably grown tired of posts about spherical ice, but this one is so good!

I'm sure you're dying to know about my technique. First, I fill the "Funtainer" thermos up to the ridge. There will be a small amount of fair above the ridge but below the silicone mold, which allows the water to expand slightly as it freezes.

Next, I wash the mold thoroughly with soap. Without a good wash, I think air bubbles are more likely to cling to the insides of the mold, and eventually migrate into the ice. After that, I insert the closed, empty mold into the Funtainer until the exactly half of it is inside—meaning the crack of at the equator of the mold is exactly even with the top of the Funtainer. This puts the bottom of the mold just a bit below the water line. I fill the mold through the top-hole, rap it on the counter a few times to dislodge any stubborn air bubbles, and fill again. I repeat the rap/refill routine a couple more times.

I made a new insulator, with several layers at the top with holes carefully cut so that the insulator fits the mold nicely.

I put the rig into the freezer (which is right around 0°F) and then after about an hour I check it and if the water level is low (due to more air bubbles escaping?) and if so I add a milliliter or two with an eye dropper. I do this two or three times.

I let the rig freeze for at least 21 hours, but longer works fine. Today, I forgot about the rig in the morning, so it froze for about 34 hours. It comes out looking something like this.

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