Sunday, June 26, 2016

Pride 2016

We marched with the boys as part of the SF independent schools group at the Pride Parade.

There was a lot of waiting. Anders and Soren helped Nola and Eva decorate a sign that Jeanie brought.

Ice cream and popsicles were available for usurious fees.

Coline and Sigrid are still waiting to march.

More waiting. (Soren seems transfixed by Ida's balloon. Nicholas is sporting a festive squid head. Theo is sporting a festive tail.)


Ida and Theo offer the crowd cartwheels.

Anders collected many discarded trinkets.

Soren mostly focused on candy, but picked up some other souvenirs as well.

Sigrid was worried about our tight schedule (we had another event in the afternoon), but once we got there, she relaxed.

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