Wednesday, May 25, 2016

so much science

Today was the 1st/2nd/3rd grade Science Fair, and there was so much science. The second graders focused on natural science, and birds in particular. They created all sorts of games to educate visitors, which was a lot of fun.

They also had their bird dioramas and "bird bells" on display. Anders's diorama showed a peregrine falcon.

Unlike his classmates, he did not feel constrained by the shoe box he was given—he just ripped his box apart and reassembled it, to get the height he felt was necessary to adequately represent a peregrine falcon stooping from a high cliff.

And to properly illustrate the scale of the scene, he had to make his bird quite small.

The bird bells were great. You can't see the underside here, but each bird is hollowed out underneath, with a clay knocker suspended within using fishing line, so that they are all, in fact, bells.

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