Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sunflower: Day 15

Today, our sunflower seedlings, each of which now has its first set of true leaves, moved outdoors permanently. I rolled the jute bag down a bit more so that I could bury the whole bag. (The bag should biodegrade in the ground, and the roots should grow right through it.)

You can see there are four seedlings. We planted six seeds, but only five sprouted. And we thinned the five sprouts down to four on Friday. The sprouts had been spending days outside (at least when I remembered to put them out in the morning). Here they are when they still numbered five, spending some time in the sun last Tuesday.

And here they are yesterday, after they spent the morning and afternoon in the rain.

Now that they are in the ground, we'll wait until they grow a foot tall, and then thin back to two. When they make it to two feet tall, we'll pick our best bet to take it the rest of the way. The kit said that they can grow to ten feet tall!

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