Saturday, February 20, 2016

Korea: Namsan Seoul Tower

Wednesday afternoon, we headed off to Namsan Seoul Tower, which is the highest point in Seoul. This started with a cab ride (you can see the tower off in the distance).

Next we took the Namsan Cable Car up the mountain.

About halfway from the cable car station to the tower, we stopped to check out the "love locks."

We're not even in the tower, but already the view is quite amazing.

The view of the tower itself is pretty amazing, too!

Up in the tower, we took in the view from the observation deck.

Then we went for a 5:30 dinner at HanCook. I chose 5:30 so that we would get there before the sun set, but by arriving so early we also ended up with the best table, with a direct view of the setting sun.

The boys enjoyed the view, but eventually got sucked into the view on a tablet.

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