Saturday, February 20, 2016

Korea: Miscellaneous

We had a lot of smaller adventures, too. Like Sigrid's sweet potato latte (no coffee involved).

Chestnuts at the Myeongdong night market.

Breakfast at the Ibis Myeongdong with Haraboji.

City views from the Ibis Myeongdong.

Shopping in the underground market.

A late night with Richard, my fellow first-year attorney from Christensen Miller, now at Kim & Chang in Seoul.

We passed over the Cheonggyecheon stream every time we went between the Ibis Myeongdong and our apartment.

We also passed this place.

Morning walk to the Ibis Myeongdong.

And then there was our apartment itself! In the Skyrex building, you have high nobility space.

We had this fantastic view out our window.

Our bathroom was our shower stall (the sink spout converts into a handheld shower head, which can be hung on the wall).

Our washer was also a dryer (two in one!)—and thank goodness for Google, so that we could decode the Korean controls.

The morning before we left for the airport, I figured out that the "PH" button in our elevator went to the roof, not a penthouse. Great views!

We were frequent vistors to the Dunkin Donuts and the Ministop at street level.

And more food! Yukgaejang.





Dried squid breakfasts for Anders.

Odd drinks.

Donut holes.


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