Saturday, February 20, 2016

Korea: Lotte World

On Tuesday, we visited Lotte World. This involved a 40 minute subway ride.

(I'm pretty sure this last pic illustrates how camera phones use sensors that sample each pixel in a picture sequentially. When you're moving fast enough, this can make straight things—like the fence posts—appear slanted, because each row of the image is sampled later, after the fence has moved slightly.)

After the long ride, we were at Lotte World. Which was... bright.

We headed to the folk museum first.

The four great heavenly kings again (same guys that we saw at Jogyesa Temple—and that we saw at Seokguram in 2009).

We went through the prehistoric section pretty quickly.

More recent Korean history.

Anders tried a traditional Korean game called Tuho (투호) in which you try to pitch arrows into a pot. Out of four tries, he got one cleanly in, and one that bounced out.

Here's a diorama of some court women playing the same game.

This is a diorama of Gyeongbokgung Palace, illustrating the installation of a new crown prince (if I recall correctly).

A (miniature) temple within the folk museum.

We also took a quick drive out to the countryside... well, that, or we saw another diorama.

We found four guards who looked remarkably like me, Anders, Soren and Sigrid.

We checked out the indoor amusement park, but the boys were tired and it was very loud, so we didn't stay long. But Anders, Soren and I did try out a mirror maze, which was actually a lot of fun.

After a bit, I learned that when I could see lots of "other" copies of us nearby, that meant we were approaching a dead end.

At the lunch at Lotte World, Sigrid had a spring vegetable bibimbap, which has to be the most beautiful bibimbap I've ever seen.

After lunch, I took a quick (solo) run through Toys R Us in search of Korean Pokémon cards. It took two or three tours through the store, but I hit the jackpot.

We emerged from Lotte World to discover that it had snowed while we were there!

This, by the way, is Lotte World Tower, which is next door, and when finished will be 1821 feet tall.

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