Sunday, January 03, 2016

Batteries to Bluffs

Getting ready for the first family hike of the year.

(That ski cap is from the Google ski trip in... 2006?)

For today's hike, Sigrid selected the Batteries to Bluffs Trail, in the Presidio. We started at the north end of the trail, which offered a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Some battery doors are in hillsides, and reminded me of a WWII-era shire (which would make Soren in this pic a hobbit).

Here we are at the trailhead.

Down we go!

Detour to...

...Marshall's Beach.

The clouds were quite dramatic.

We found some non-native flora at the south batteries.

We found a "sand ladder" to Baker Beach just south of our trail.

The boys enjoyed some digging at Baker Beach...

...while Sigrid and I watched the waves come in.

More dramatic clouds.

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