Sunday, December 20, 2015

I Am From (by Anders)

A gift from Anders to his parents.

What is this?

And inside? Magic:

I am from Young Ai to my ancestor Anders. I am from the cold air of Canada to Korea.

I am from +, = and -, A's, D's, G's, C's and screens. I am from sounds big and small, bangs and crashes. I am from knowledge to nonsense. I am from blocks to dots.

I am from fog to rain and sun from storms to snow. I am from the shelter of redwood tree, to the coldness of the snow. The call of the peacock but not well known.

I am from antlers of elk to the garden of my house. I am from flashing lights to red jello glowing in the light and costumes and candy all through the night and hunts for candy that can be at a height.

From corn to seaweed and a treat at night. I am from Korea to Canada. I am from red and blue together, to the maple leaf.

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