Thursday, December 03, 2015

Garden 2.0

When we moved into our house, about seven years ago, the backyard was planted with a nice but somewhat random collection of plants. Some had undoubtedly been there before, while others were likely added to stage the house for sale (and chosen more for the "wow" factor than any long-term plan). Over the years, we've replaced some of the plants, favoring native and drought-tolerant plants.

But this was pretty slow way to change the yard over. With the ongoing drought, we decided to take things further this year. The timing also seemed right for a big change, because new plants will get a good opportunity to grow in with the expected El NiƱo rains in early 2016. We also got the trees trimmed before the changeover, both to allow more sun in for the new transplants and to avoid foot traffic on the new plants next spring, when we otherwise would have had the trees trimmed.

There are a few more plants to come, and then some mulch, but here's where we are so far:

It will be fun to see these new plants grow in when the rains come!

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