Saturday, August 01, 2015


Dylan, Misah, Isabel, Caden and I went parasailing. The outfit we signed up with was having some boat problems, so we had to wait a long time. The guy who eventually shuttled us out to the motorboat felt bad, so he took us out to Land's End so that we could see El Arco de Cabo San Lucas while we waited.

We got to ride around on the motor boat while some other customers parasailed.

Finally, it was Isabel and Misah's turn to go up.

And up they went!

And up they flew!

Coming back in...

My turn (I'm documenting the flight with a head-mounted GoPro).

Because I was flying solo, I flew higher.

Here's an edited version of 10+ minutes of flight, using GoPro footage plus a video from the boat of my landing.

And then it was Caden and Dylan's turn.

More weight, less height.


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