Saturday, August 29, 2015

Mechanics' Institute Chess Club

The oldest chess club in the United States is right here in San Francisco, at the Mechanics' Institute. The club is open every Saturday for drop-in play for kids, so Anders and I hopped on Muni to check it out.

(With his hoodie on, Anders looks a bit like a boxer heading into the ring. But with chess.)

When we got there, there weren't many people there yet, so Anders and I played a couple of games of chess. In the second game, Anders checkmated me for the first time.

He played a couple of games with other kids, too.

There were maybe eight or ten kids there.

While we were there, we saw this interesting end game get diagrammed. Black forfeits a rook and a queen, all in the service of achieving mate in 6.

1. ... Re1+
2. Kg2 Rg1+
3. Kxg1 Qe1+
4. Kg2 Qf1+
5. Kxf1 Bh3+
6. Kg1 Re1#

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