Saturday, August 01, 2015


Our divers were Misah, Isabel, Caden, Cara, Peggy, Patrick and Michael.

The four cousins did their first two open water dives for their certification on Sunday, and then the rest of us joined in for their third dive on Tuesday, and Patrick and I joined in for their fourth, too. On Friday, everyone but Peggy went diving again, with Caden and Isabel in for one Friday dive, and the rest of us for two.

The first Tuesday dive started with a bit of skills work for the cousins, followed by some exploration by everyone of the north wall.

We were looking for a baby white tip shark, but ended up seeing the mother.

The second dive on Tuesday was at Land's End, and included a visit to a 60-year-old wreck that was buried until Hurricane Odile swept 20 feet of sand away last fall.

Afterward, Patrick snapped a nice pic of me on the south side the arch while we waited to get back on the boat.

On Friday, we started by diving at Pelican Rock. Even before we went down, we could see a lot of fish just by putting our heads in the water.

Then we dove.

For our last Cabo dive, we went back to the north wall.

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