Sunday, May 17, 2015

SFS first graders camp at Memorial Park

Early explorations.

Creek adventures.

The route to a different part of the creek included what in my torts class in law school I learned to call an attractive nuisance—made all the more attractive by a sign that read "DANGER - DO NOT CLIMB." Attractive qualities notwithstanding, we did not climb.

The camping trip also offered Anders his first opportunity to try out the drone that some of his classmates got him for his birthday (it took a while for the drone to arrive from China). All the first graders were pretty excited to try it. Drone control was... imperfect.

We did enjoy this stretch of the creek that was down below, though.

Tail end of the s'mores session... leading into the pyro portion of the evening.

Glow sticks!

Campfire stories.

A morning game of "let's escape from parental picture-taking."

You're not really awake until you've had your morning hot cocoa...

...and your cinnamon toast.

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