Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Getting ready for The Force Awakens

With a new Star Wars movie due out at the end of the year, the boys have been preparing by watching the old movies. We've been following the so-called Machete Order, which means watching them in this order: IV, V, II, III and VI. (Yes, you skip Phantom Menace entirely.)

The Machete Order is mostly about preserving the original trilogy's most important surprise. By watching A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back before the prequel movies, the reveal about who Darth Vader is (in Empire) is still a surprise. And then you get to go back in time, through the prequel movies, to learn the Darth Vader origin story. And then you get to end with Return of the Jedi to find out the rest of Darth Vader's story, among other things. This also sets things up well for the new trilogy that is starting in December. (Secondarily, the Machete Order is about not having to watch Phantom Menace, which adds little to the plot, and is so incredibly weak.)

These reasons for the Machete Order quickly became unnecessary in our house, because Anders read a bazillion Star Wars early reader books that give away all the details, and Soren of course learned all of those details from his brother. But we stuck with it, watching A New Hope, then Empire, and then Attack of the Clones.

Then we got stuck, because Revenge of the Sith is really quite dark, and the final scenes are very intense (especially the one where we learn why Darth Vader has to wear the suit he wears). So there were no Star Wars movies for several months.

But then Anders got sick and was stuck at home on a Wednesday, when Soren is also at home. And, well, we just went for it.

So now we have to carve out some time in the next eight months to watch the ewoks, and we'll be all ready for The Force Awakens when it comes out around Christmas.

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